…Maybe it is magical after all…

Everything I said at about 23 weeks, about the kicking not being magical and just plain weird?

I take it back.

Ok, not completely – it IS still a bit weird at times, and sometimes when I’m lying there and the bump is changing shape as the baby moves, maybe the look on my face is more of disgust than awe… but it only really occurred to me the other day that I am feeling the baby move. Not some little alien thing. It’s the baby I’ve been growing for the last 34 weeks, and I’m feeling it move and wriggle. Yeah, it’s a bit ‘WOAH WHAT WAS THAT?!” at times… but also there’s moments where I do just sit there and think maybe I can see why people call it magical.

Maybe it’s all just becoming very real now, and I’m (finally) starting to understand that yes, there is a baby in there and yes, it has to come out soon. The consultant appointment yesterday proved that. I went in there nervous but ready to fight my corner, ready to push for what I wanted and no-one, I MEAN NO-ONE!, was going to stand in my way.

As it is I just sat there nodding constantly because the consultant was, as well as being probably the kindest and most understanding doctor I’ve ever seen, completely spot on. He answered my questions before I even had a chance to ask them, and was more than happy to start talking birth plans. So now we have it – we hope for spontaneous labour before 40 weeks. If the pains in my scar are still bad at 40 weeks, I get induced. If they’re unbearable before then, they consider it. Growth scan in two weeks because baby’s had a growth spurt and is now measuring on the chunky side (let’s face it, I’m not really surprised). Avoiding c-section unless absolutely necessary, but if it is, experienced obstetrician is to be present. Oh and I’ve got more cocodamol to help with the pain!

Um… great. So that’s sorted then! It wasn’t the scary nerve-wracking battle I was anticipating at all. However, very suddenly I have realised that I’m having a baby. Quite soon actually. Which is why it’s good news that…


Yep, we got the flat we applied for! Moving in this weekend, all being well. I could’ve cried when I found out (and , being extremely hormonal, I’m very surprised I didn’t). Our baby has a first home – that’s more important than anything else save for it being born healthy, as far as I’m concerned! I’m thrilled to bits.

Maybe it’s just easier to see the magical side of pregnancy when things are going well. The world definitely seems a lot sunnier right now (and even the weather seems to agree – at times, anyway!).


One last thing…

Selfies seem to be all the rage on Facebook at the moment, particularly when they’re done for awareness for a charity. So I figured if our faces can do it, why can’t our babies? So here it is, scar and stretchmarks and all, my bump selfie –


(Yes, that is a birthmark, and just under my jumper is a “cut along dotted line” tattoo)

And it comes with a request (because what use is a selfie if we’re not raising awareness?). Check out these fantastic baby-related charities –

Tommy’s, The Baby Charity

Count The Kicks

Sands, The Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity

Take a look at the amazing work they do, and please consider making a donation to them. It could change so many people’s lives for the better. And one more thing – if you’re pregnant and reading this, please consider posting your own bump selfie on your blog, along with the links to the charities. If you aren’t pregnant – how about a picture of you as a baby? Share it on your blog, put it on Facebook, anywhere on social media – raise some awareness and hopefully, some funds too! If you do post your selfie on your blog, send me a link – either in the comments or by message – and I’ll include the link to it at the bottom of this post.


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