… to distract myself from sore scar, swollen feet and mystery hospital appointment tomorrow (all I know is they want to see me in the acute medical unit tomorrow, I don’t know why but I suspect it might be neurology), I decided to go out.

I sang Madonna’s ‘Like A Virgin’ on karaoke (yes, in full awareness of the irony; it could only have been more ironic if I’d followed it up with ‘Papa Don’t Preach’).

I’ve watched my friends getting progressively drunker, and haven’t felt jealous, just very amused.

D and I have held hands and sat together and kissed and just felt completely comfortable with each other, like we used to.

(I did come home, have a shower, get into my pyjamas and neck almost a pint of orange juice with lactulose in it, but that’s beside the point and I’ll consider it my NekNomination)

I’m still living the student life at seven months pregnant.

Life is good.


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