Adventures In Hospital Bagging – Part One – The Toiletries Edition

I’m going to distract myself from the fact that the one lot of medicine they’ve given me has stopped working, so I can’t start on the other lot yet, by doing a hospital bag post!

So this is the first of my adventures in posting the contents of my hospital bag – just in case anyone is either looking to pack their own, or has a fetish for what other people consider essential when they’ll be staying in hospital. This is –



Now, for your viewing pleasure, my dragon friend Sizzle (whom D introduced me to in the hospital) will display the toiletries I’ve currently got packed in my bag!

The Bag

The BagI’m not entirely sure where I got this bag – it’s possibly a Wilkinsons purchase. It’s a good size and (so far!) fits everything in.

The Hair Grips

Hair GripsAfter all – apparently it’s all about my hair. I hate my hair getting in my face at the best of times, so I’m hoping a good amount of grips will keep it out of the way and stop me from grabbing the scissors they use to cut the cord and cutting my own fringe off.

The Toothbrush

The ToothbrushThis is just a cheap Wilko value one. I think it cost about 50p for a pack of two, if that. Cheap and cheerful but it’ll do the job and can stay in my hospital bag until needed.

The Hairbrush

The HairbrushAgain, a Wilko purchase – £1. Means I can keep my usual hairbrush and not worry about rushing around picking up last minute bits and bobs in between contractions/worrying about losing them. Just a little one, but it’ll do the trick.

The Toothpaste

ToothpasteRather than buying a big tube of cheapy toothpaste, we went to Superdrug, where they have a great deal on travel toiletries – 3 for £3. I much prefer Colgate to other own-brand toothpaste – it’s my personal snobbery coming out.

The Hair Bobbles

IMG_0433Again, for keeping hair off my face. Pack of many from Primark for £1. I got bright ones but they also have dark, brown and blonde ones.

The Sudocrem

IMG_0430I got it in my Bounty pack for free and felt like putting it in there. Prepared for every eventuality.

The Face Wipes

IMG_0429Got to keep fresh if I’m not up for walking to the bathroom to have a wash. These are another Superdrug 3 for £3 buy in the Travel section; 15 Carex Refreshing Face and Body wipes.

The Flannel

IMG_0428For when I AM up to walking to the bathroom to have a wash. 99p in Superdrug.

The Body And Face Wash

IMG_0426Another Superdrug Travel one. Superdrug’s own-brand strawberry and raspberry wash. They also had the Tea Tree washes in the cool triangle bottles, but I’m not keen on them. Good for a shower but also for a wash.

The Body Butter

IMG_0432This is my Body Shop mango one, but I may replace it with my Sanctuary Mum-To-Be body butter (from Boots) instead, as it’s more moisturising, smells a bit nicer and isn’t too harsh a smell for post-birth snuggles with baby – in fact, the smell of Sanctuary Mum-To-Be range is one I associate with childhood in a really calming way.

The Shampoo and Conditioner

IMG_0431Yet another Superdrug travel deals one. They have quite a big range of shampoos etc – they had Dove, Pantene and Tresemme there – but I’ve got a feeling after the birth I’ll want to feel refreshed more than anything, and there’s nothing better for that than Herbal Essences. This is the ‘Beautiful Ends’ range, it’s the only one Superdrug had but it’s a really nice one anyway. Handy size, perfect to fit in the bag. But if you have preference for other brands, they are available at Superdrug (although I know the travel section at ASDA sometimes has Aussie, which Superdrug had but wasn’t included in the deal).

The Deodorant Spray

IMG_0427Again, I love this (another Superdrug travel buy) because it makes me feel so refreshed. It’s a lovely fresh smell, although I will have to be careful about overpowering the baby, but it’ll do to keep me smelling sweet the rest of the time! Go Fresh by Dove is one of my favourite brands but they also had Lynx (I was tempted because I do like Apollo, but I feel it might be a bit too overpowering) and some other brands too.

The Roll-On Deodorant

IMG_0434I don’t usually use Sanex, but the brand name makes me think of something clean and sensitive. According to the label, it “Respects the skin’s biological flora”, which sounds impressive even if I had no idea my skin had biological flora (like the butter?). This was an ASDA purchase and cost £1, 24h protection and looks quite fresh and nice.

The Nail Sorter-Outers

IMG_0435Okay, ’emery boards’ technically, but that doesn’t quite do justice to the brilliance of these things. If there is one thing that annoys me so much, it’s ragged nails, so I’ve packed some emery boards in my bag to deal with that problem should it arise. Superdrug, obviously (think it was 99p for a pack of 5)

I think the only other thing I will be packing in there, but haven’t done yet, is lip balm, on the advice (and now the knowledge) that both the labour ward and the maternity wards are packed full of dry heat, and it is very easy to get very thirsty and to have really dry, cracked lips – something I’m prone to, and another of my pet hates, so lip balm will be going in the toiletries bag.

Again, there are other bits and pieces that you could technically class as toiletries, but I’m just counting what goes in the bag – other things like towels, maternity pads, breast pads etc will be in the main bag, which I’ll be doing another post on when (if) it gets packed. There’ll also be a post about the baby’s bag – I’ve seen people turn up with entire trolley suitcases full, but I’m taking two overnight bags – one for me, one for baby – as well as having a rucksack in the car for D, and all being well, we’ll get everything into that.


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