The Trouble With Snow…

… is that it always comes when you don’t want it to.

I’d have been quite happy to just skip the snow this year. It’s not just the obvious problem of gets in the way, makes it hard to get out – part of me is all-too-aware that D-Date is edging closer, and as one of my friends ‘kindly’ pointed out, “You could go into labour at any time” [yeah, thanks for that]. And with SB misbehaving recently and not moving, there’s the worry of what happens if it stops moving again – what if I can’t get to the hospital?

It’s slowed down but hasn’t stopped, and it’s starting to turn into slippery sludge on the pavements, which brings another problem. Last year when it snowed, I slipped and fell (my own fault, I was trying to run down a hill) and the worst I had to show for it was a cold bum and a cold, damp (but amazingly, still-working) phone, after it dropped out of my pocket into the snow and I left it there for an hour and a half (not my proudest moment).

This year, if I slip and fall, I have to waddle off to the hospital (somehow) and have an Anti-D injection, because I’m rhesus negative. I’ve already got to have one on Friday (Happy Valentine’s Day, here’s a needle in your bum!), two in one week just sounds like torture.

The problem is, I don’t think other people realise this, so if I say “no, I’m not going out”, I’m dreading the inevitable “Oh it’s just a tiny bit of snow”, “Can’t stop living because of the snow” ad nauseum. The snow isn’t what concerns me, it’s the icy melty slush that makes every pavement a deathtrap. When you’re clumsy at the best of times (as my earlier example demonstrates), and having a front-heavy bump only adds to your natural lack of balance, slush is the last thing you want to add to that already-dangerous cocktail!

And the best news of all? We’re forecast even more tomorrow and Wednesday! I love snow as much as the next person at the right time, but now is not the right time!

I will admit though – I am looking forwards to next winter, when we can take SB out in the snow for the first time! That said, knowing our luck, next year will have absolutely no snow at all.

Sod’s law, eh?


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