The Power of Hindsight…

… God I wish I’d learned how to do pelvic floor exercises. I wish I knew how to do them now. I’m sick of sneeze-weeing.


I had a consultant appointment this morning – well, I say this morning, it was afternoon by the time we got in there. I understand they have emergencies that come in, and some appointments take longer than others, but they were running two and a half hours late. We got chatting to some other couples who’d taken the morning off work and had to call to let them know they’d be even later. Some were 35, 36 weeks pregnant – and sitting on these uncomfortable chairs for two and a half hours.

I will admit (and I’m not proud), I made a snarky comment in the actual consultation – she asked if I’d felt baby moving, to which I said “Oh yes, it spent the last two hours in the waiting room kicking and wriggling” – but by this point I was fed up. I’d waited two and a half hours to go in and be told they’ll see me in eight weeks. She said she wasn’t going to listen to baby’s heart because it’s too early to hear it at 28 weeks… surprising, considering I’ve heard it twice at the midwife and once at the Antenatal Day Unit, the earliest being sixteen weeks, and these facts are written down in my notes, but I’ve learned not to set too much store by what the consultants say anymore.

On the bright side, my GTT came back normal, and my blood pressure is staying steady, which is always good – and D took me out for lunch, after his first shift at his new job yesterday, so it isn’t all bad. I’m already dreading eight weeks away though – but the realisation that I’ll be 34 weeks by that point was enough to stop me in my tracks. Where is this pregnancy going? I haven’t even quite come to terms with the fact that there’s a baby at the end of it yet! And we met a woman from a Welsh-language initiative who’s told us about some Welsh baby groups in the area, which will be great not just for the baby but for us too – we’ll get to meet some other parents! Our current friends are all pretty much students, which makes it a little difficult to ‘talk shop’ about things like sneeze wees and due dates. Having other parenty acquaintances will be great.

Update on the knitting front; D and I are hedging our bets and making a pink and blue blanket. The pink is very light – almost white in certain lights – which means my side of the family are happy, as it’s West Bromwich Albion colours. Baby’s already having its football and rugby allegiances chosen! We’ve got our priorities right.


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