My Jacket Potato Body…

Apologies for the odd title, but it’s the only way I can think of describing it. You know when you slice a baked potato so it’s got the little cross on it? I’m pretty sure that’s what my body looks like at the moment.

The bump has kind of created a rift in the muscles around it, so I have a ridge right down the middle through my bellybutton which is squidgy and soft compared to the rest of the bump which is solid as a rock. The same muscles were cut through horizontally as a baby, and I’m not sure they ever quite healed properly.

So in effect, my muscles have been sliced and parted so that I look like a jacket potato. I am a human spud.

Apologies for this random blog post. D is out at his first shift of his new job, I’m waiting for him to get back so I can carry on cooking tea, and it occured to me as I was slicing the potatoes to make jackets.

Maybe now I’m not so hungry…


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