Just A Small Political Reminder…

.. that the Conservatives don’t give a shit about anyone but their own rich friends.

George Osborne today announced plans to cut housing benefit for Under-25s. He then said –

‘2014 is the year of hard truths – the year when Britain faces a choice. Do we say, “The worst is over – back we go to our bad habits of borrowing and spending and living beyond our means – and let the next generation pay the bill”?’.

No, George. Apparently what we do is we fuck the next generation so hard, they either get away with not paying the bills of last generation’s mistakes, because they’re your rich chums’ kids who never have to lift a finger to get a thing, and the other half – or rather, the majority -, they don’t pay because most of them are homeless or worse, because you’ve made it too expensive for them to even live.

2014 isn’t the year of hard truths, it’s the year the Tories take us back to 1814, where if you’re poor, you’re better off dead.



Bloody hell I’m turning into my Dad. Sorry for the ranty political post folks; Britain’s fucked-up welfare system isn’t my best friend today. Apparently if you have no intention of working ever for no good reason, here, have some benefits. But if you’re a student, or disabled, or a young parent, and genuinely want to improve your situation? Nope, sorry, not worth the time or money.




One thought on “Just A Small Political Reminder…

  1. Kerrie McGiveron says:

    Well said. Can’t bear this government and i can’t wait to see their smug faces when they get ousted in the next election. All out for themeselves, blaming the poor for poverty – it’s ridiculous. Lovely blog by the way ! 🙂


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