The Name-Changer!

The girl’s name.

The girl’s name we’ve both adored pretty much since we got together.

The girl’s name we were so certain we’d give to a daughter if we had one.



It’s changed. (Well, for me, anyway).


We’ve decided on a new name for if it’s a girl – or, it’s on our shortlist at least, but I prefer it, and judging by D’s reaction, he seems to prefer it too. The good people of Mumsnet also seem to approve, but of course I’m not going to tell you all what it is. I need to keep some things a surprise after all, because at this rate there’s no way the baby’s sex will be kept secret!

Eleven days until we find out!

Of course, at this rate, now that I’m so attached to this girls name, it’ll turn out to be a boy. Honestly I’m perfectly happy as long as the baby is healthy, and a boy would be lovely as the name for a boy is pretty much sorted, but I really do love this name!

On a side note, merry start-of-christmas everyone! Going to be putting up the tree at some point (it’s already gone up at home!) and it’s strange to think this’ll be the last Christmas without a tiny person to buy for and decorate with and enjoy the whole of Christmas with. Strange, but good!


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