A Letter To My Lodger

Dear Lodger,

In taking you on, I’ve done something they suggest you shouldn’t do when taking in a lodger. I’ve allowed you to take up residence inside me despite knowing absolutely nothing about you. For example –


  • Whether you’re male or female. I mean, come on – surely that’s one thing I should know about you?
  • What your name is. Ok, well we have to decide that one – but you kinda need to let us know if you’re a boy or a girl first, and to have taken you on without knowing your name isn’t common practice anyway.
  • What colour your hair is. In fact, what you look like, full stop, but hair colour is one I’m really interested in. I’m guessing you’ll be dark-haired – we have dark hair, so unless there’s some weird throwback gene, I’d imagine you will too. The real question is whether you’ll start out blonde – I went blonde in the summers, and D had blonde hair as a baby.
  • What colour your eyes are – same as above. Will your eyes be brown, like mine, or that beautiful combination of green on the outside and red-brown on the inside like D’s? Whose nose will you have? Whose ears?
  • What you like. Will you be a geek like us? Will you be a writer? Will you love films, like D, or will you be more interested in appearing in them, like me? Will you be adventurous and active like D, or lazy and clumsy like me (if you’re like me, be proud of your clumsiness!).


However, there are some things I do know about this tiny little lodger.


  • You aren’t a fan of letting me sleep. I’ve always slept on my back. I’m happy sleeping on my back. But now, I’m not allowed to sleep on my back, because it isn’t healthy for you. So I slept on my front, until you got a little too big for it to be comfortable. So I started sleeping on my side. It got too uncomfortable. It hurts my hips, it hurts my back. So I sleep with a pillow between my knees. Nope, too uncomfortable. You’re not a fan of me sleeping, are you baby?
  • Your heartbeat is ridiculously fast – 151beats per minute, to be exact. At least, it seems really fast to me. Hearing it the other day was one of the most incredible experiences, I can hardly describe how it felt! (And I think D very nearly cried – I’m sure there were tears!)
  • You are currently the size of an avocado – around 4.6inches – but by Monday you’ll be the size of an onion, at 5.1 inches and 5.9 ounces. By the time you’re born you’ll be bigger than a pumpkin, and bigger than a watermelon – as everyone in my class loves to remind me!
  • Technically, we would be able to tell what you are – that is, boy or girl – on an ultrasound this week. We’re leaving it until the 20 week scan, although we’re far too impatient to wait until you’re born. Don’t worry – we won’t be telling many people if you’re a boy or a girl. They can have that surprise, but we’d better tell your grandparents, uncles and aunties, or they may kill us!
  • You don’t like moving. You really, really don’t like moving. I had to hula hoop my way around the hospital just to get you to wriggle a little bit for the scan! Hopefully by the start of December you’ll be a bit more co-operative!

Most importantly, we know that we love you, whether you’re a boy or a girl, whether you take after me or him, whether you’re active or lazy, graceful for clumsy, outgoing or shy – you’re our baby, and we really can’t wait to meet you.

Lots of love,



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