Lesson Of The Day

Cravings last longer than morning sickness.

No doubt there’ll be some experienced mothers, tossing their hair and giving a little laugh and saying “Ha, I thought everyone knew that?”, but I genuinely believed that morning sickness and cravings would disappear at around the same time. There’s no logic behind that assumption – I just thought it made sense.

Clearly – from the fact that I have just eaten a box of microchips at 9:30am – I was wrong. Cravings do last beyond the end of morning sickness. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather have cravings than be constantly throwing up, because I’m not sure I ever want to go through that again (no doubt I will once Speed Bump is grown up and starts demanding siblings), but I could do without eating a box of microchips every morning. Even though it’s potatoes, I’m fairly sure the midwife wouldn’t count it as part of this healthy balanced diet we’re supposed to be eating.

Then again, if I was to eat nothing but lentils and vegetables for the rest of this pregnancy, the baby might come out with a taste for them, and I’d have to buy them full time. I think I’ll carry on with fish fingers and micro-chips – if what we eat really does have any bearing on the baby’s future tastes, I may as well live up to the stereotype – can’t beat fish fingers, chips and spaghetti hoops. Speaking of which…


In other news – I will be fourteen weeks tomorrow!


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