Week 13: Bring On The Glow

Why can’t every week of pregnancy be like week 13? I can keep food down – I can even eat breakfast! -, I can be around people without worrying that their deodorant/food/general odour is going to make me throw up all over them, my hair has life,my face is clear and I glow! Not in the radioactive sense, but it’s better than nothing!

One thing that hasn’t eased up is the hormones. Last night I was in tears because research suggests its unhealthy for pregnant women to have hamsters, and I really want a hamster. I miss having a pet, I miss my dog at home and I want a small furry thing to keep me company. Is that too much to ask? According to the CDC yes, yes it is. Oh, sure I can have a fish, but fish live for a few days and aren’t furry unless you leave them out of the bowl for too long, and they don’t do fun stuff like run on a wheel, or squeak, or look adorable. They’re bug-eyed and odd,and when the inevitable return of morming sickness happens, I won’t be able to feed them without being sick.

I thought I was over Hamstergate, but clearly not. I’m sitting in the university library, trying not to throw my tablet at someone and cry in an angry rage because I wanted a hamster so much. I was going to get two little dwarf hamsters, because they’re so cute and lovely. These are the unexpected side effects of pregnancy; any and all pets will invariably cause you to have a miscarriage or your baby to have severe birth defects, and so it would be unspeakably inhumane for you to crave companionship from a small furry thing. Not that I’m bitter. 


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